Use Your Own API Key with ChatGPT on MacOS with HelloAI


Using your own API key for ChatGPT comes with advantages such as access to groundbreaking models like GPT-4, potential financial savings, and heightened personalization of the AI experience.

However, with these benefits come responsibilities; it requires a clear understanding of its operation to avoid pitfalls like unexpected high costs due to extensive usage.

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and maximising your own API key, ensuring you reap the rewards while sidestepping potential challenges. So let’s get started!

Generating Your Own OpenAI API Key

  1. To begin your journey with using your own API key, the first step is to either sign up for an OpenAI account or log into your existing account. You can do that here.
  2. Once you’re in, the main dashboard or navigation panel will have a distinct section labeled “API.”
  3. Now in your profile menu find an item called “View API Keys
  4. Here simply click on “Create new secret key”. You can name it e.g. “HelloAI Key”. Copy the string of characters.
  5. Now open HelloAI, go to Settings -> API Key and paste it to the field called “Your API Key”.
  6. You’re ready to start your chat!

As always, it’s wise to handle this key with care, considering its importance and the access it grants to your OpenAI resources. If someone gets your API key, they could misuse your OpenAI account and cause unwanted costs or data issues. Keep it safe like any valuable secret.

Monitoring Your Usage with OpenAI Dashboard

OpenAI’s monitoring dashboard serves as a transparent window into your AI activity. By visiting this dashboard, you can:

  • Track the total requests you’ve initiated,
  • Monitor and manage your expenditure,
  • And assess if you’re approaching any preset usage boundaries.

It’s a good practice to check the dashboard regularly so you’re aware of your spendings and eventually can revoke the API Key if needed. I highly recommend to setup Usage limits (both soft and hard) to make sure that in case somebody would steel your API Key, they will not spend more than certain amount.

Understanding Basics & Security Measures for Handling API Keys

Your API key is akin to a digital key to your home; handle with care. Here are some dos and don’ts:

  • DO keep it private. Avoid posting your key online or sharing it frivolously.
  • DO store your key securely. Environment variables or secret management tools can be handy.
  • DO rotate or change your key periodically.
  • DON’T embed it directly in your code or repositories.
  • If something seems amiss, play it safe: regenerate your key on OpenAI’s platform.

Benefits of Using Your Own API Key

By maximizing the benefits of using your own API key, you can truly personalize your HelloAI experience. This not only allows you to delve deeper into interactions with advanced models like GPT-4 but also empowers you to closely monitor your usage patterns.

Such insights can be instrumental in tailoring your OpenAI subscription to achieve potential savings. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize the ChatGPT experience, fine-tuning its responses and honing in on specific areas of interest or preference.


Equipping yourself with a personal API key supercharges your HelloAI experience, catering especially to professionals who seek advanced interactions with ChatGPT. Each dialogue is more than just a chat; it’s a refined conversation molded by your professional demands.

By diving into this tailored approach, you tap into the heart of AI on MacOS, ensuring every chat mirrors the sophistication and precision that professionals value. It’s not just about AI engagement; it’s about personalizing it to professional standards.